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We are seasoned professionals with broad business and technical experience and deep expertise in Lean Healthcare, Information Privacy & Security, EHR Architecture (including HL7v3, IHE and openEHR), ISO-13485, and eHealth systems implementation and adoption. 

But it’s not just all about technology. The success of eHealth initiatives relies on psychology and sociology as much as it does on hardware and software. That’s the difference between Health IT and Health Informatics; the latter is a professional field that appreciates healthcare as a “socio-technical system”.*

At ecGroup, we are left-brained (technical) and right-brained (creative); we can see the box “spin” in both directions. Our professional designations include engineering (P.Eng.) and Health Informatics (CPHIMS-CA). We have certifications in Lean Healthcare (Canada and UK) as well as in Health Information Privacy.

ecGroup’s principal consultant, Derek Ritz, was the 2008 recipient of the Emerging Leader award from Canada’s professional health informatics association, COACH. He is a passionate advocate for Person-centered Health, a member of Canada’s delegation to ISO/TC215 (Health Informatics) and a past Vice-Chair of Canada Health Infoway’s EHR Architecture and Infostructure Working Group. He is presently an advisor to public and private sector clients in Canada and Internationally.

Are you left-brained, or right-brained? If you are right-brained, you will see the box spin counter-clockwise (imagine you are viewing it from above). If you are left-brained, it will spin clockwise.

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